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 Our Camping Group  have  not got any  specific time  to meet  but meet on needs  basis.

 Co-ordinator for

 Camping,  Caravanning  &  Cabins

 Sue Preston
 4646 1467

Welcome back

We are resurrecting the

Happy Campers

My suggestion would be to have at least two outings a year including:

1) a few days in a caravan park, probably February or March (not too far away - example Blackheath, Shoalhaven Heads or Bigga etc).  All members would be welcome in their caravans or motorhomes, but the invite could also extend to members that may like to camp in a tent or hire a cabin. If interest was shown, I could approach the caravan park and ask for a discount. Whilst at the caravan park we could frequent a restaurant one night and another night we could do a "Pot Luck" dinner, where everyone brings a meal and we share it. A day trip could include local sightseeing.

2) a free camp trip, perhaps to one of our favourite spots Gunning. In September each year they hold a Fireworks display where buyers choose their fireworks for their upcoming events including Sydney's New Year Eve celebrations. (Entry fee $10pp and a small donation, but no camp fees)

Free camping at most spots include a toilet, dump point and water. For those who don't have an ensuite in their vans, a night without a shower isn't really a problem. I assume that all of you would have solar panels so a night or 2 of free camping would be manageable.
Some free camps ask for a donation and some have showers. Each free camp is different. Most allow pets, but I wouldn't recommend a pet at the Gunning fireworks. A freecamp is usually in a town hoping that campers will spend a few $ in their town.
I would also hope that the Happy Campers could share their upcoming holidays/trips and let each other know of good campsites/caravan parks/restaurants/things worth seeing that they have discovered.
So, I am putting it out to you all. Is there an interest in reforming the group and if so, what would you be interested in doing?  All ideas would be welcomed.
Please email me your name, phone number and email details if you would like to join the Happy Campers group. I can then let the committee know our intentions and we can get together and discuss what we want to do with our group.

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