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Day Trips

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 Our Day Trips  use either public  transport or members  own vehicles to visit  sites of  historical/cultural/social  significance.

 Co-ordinator for

 Day Trips

 Terry Watson

 0416-284 115

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Itinerary, We have been notified that the Rivercat wharf at Parramatta will be closed for upgrades for 6 months from April last.


Change of details.

The trip will now be as follows.

Train from Macarthur Railway station to Circular Quay.

Morning tea at the Quay.

Ferry to Watsons Bay for Lunch at Doyles Hotel.

Return ferry to the Quay and train back to Macarthur.

See new times at the next General Meeting.

Cost, your Opal card. Lunch at your own cost.

You can, if you prefer, train it to the Quay and join us there for morning tea and pick up the excursion from there.

Come and join us for a great day out.

No deposits are required as it will be all covered by your Opal card and buy your own lunch

Firm numbers will be required by the time we go so that a booking for lunch can be made at the restaurant

Thursday 19 September 2019