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Meeting Dates & Speakers

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25th June 2018

Speaker: Local Police, Barnes Driving School and Council Safety Officer

Please be advised that we have an action packed information session for our members for next Monday's meeting.

1. Starting with three short talks which constitutes good personal and home security as well as the latest licensing requirements in regards to older drivers coupled with real life stories from:

" Syd Lee, Camden Council Safety Officer

" Senior Constable Greg Louden, Crime Prevention Officer, Camden Local Command

" Russell Oates, Barnes Driving School

The Memory Man

Welcome To ‘Memory Man’

The sharing of stories is one of the main elements that bind families and communities together and once captured become available for the generations to come.

Oral history is perhaps the simplest of recording mediums, but conveys so much more than the written account. It is impossible, for example, to replicate in writing the humour, timing, idiosyncrasies, etc, of the human voice.

About Us

Memory Man Beginnings

Bob Mitchell‘s first interview was in 1996, a very personal one which captured the memories of a dying father. The oral recordings led to a book ‘Scone Larrikin’ which was both self published and published by the NSW branch of the Oral History Association Of Australia (OHAA) in 1997

23rd August 2018

Speaker:  Bob Mitchell