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The Memory Man

Welcome To ‘Memory Man’

The sharing of stories is one of the main elements that bind families and communities together and once captured become available for the generations to come.

Oral history is perhaps the simplest of recording mediums, but conveys so much more than the written account. It is impossible, for example, to replicate in writing the humour, timing, idiosyncrasies, etc, of the human voice.

About Us

Memory Man Beginnings

Bob Mitchell‘s first interview was in 1996, a very personal one which captured the memories of a dying father. The oral recordings led to a book ‘Scone Larrikin’ which was both self published and published by the NSW branch of the Oral History Association Of Australia (OHAA) in 1997

23rd July 2018

Speaker:  Bob Mitchell

I will be speaking about oral health with Dentures. As I am a dental technician and prosthetist I will keep many of my topics open to discussion.

I cover why dentures are a important and why good oral health plays a vital role for overall health.

The rise of 3d printing technology to make dentures and I can also discuss the benefits for patients

27th August 2018

Speaker: Elias Sara

From Aesthic Dental Clinic

The presentation will be about My Health Record, which is a secure online summary of a persons important Health Information, that can be shared between health care providers involved in their care.

It will cover everything in My Health Record including benefits, security & Privacy of having a My Health Record.

Every Australian will have a My Health Record by the end of the year, unless they decide to opt out. The presentation will cover the opt out process and what it means

24th September 2018

Sam Sio & Isaac Carey

From South Western Sydney  

Primary Health Record