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Mounted Police Review

NSW Mounted Police


Tuesday 24/5/2016 saw 20 members of the HPP embark on a visit to the NSW Mounted Police Unit at Surry Hills.

A brisk walk of about 5k from Central Station saw us ready for the day.

Our guide for the tour was a retired member of the Mounted Police Unit

Mr Stuart Thompson working as a volunteer, Mr Thompson a long serving member of the unit escorted us through the daily activities of the staff, who were actively exercising & washing the horses as part of their routine, Of particular interest was the museum, with exhibits of articles and apparel pertaining to the mounted police such as uniforms, headgear, armament, and pieces of necessary equipment that changed over the years since the founding of the unit way back in 1821.

Now for the FUN PART, patting and touching these huge examples of "Equine Quadrapeds" of 16 hands or more was met with some delight & some trepidation, however many people braved the scene for photographs, we then entered the stables & were allowed to feed the horses by hand with pieces of fruit brought from home for that very purpose under the watchful eye of a staff member.

The mounted police are still an active force for crowd control and rioting groups, found to be a very effective form in confrontation of unruly mobs, an intimidating presence you might say, apart from those duties there are always the official duties to perform eg. Ceremonial Functions, Parades, Escorts for VIPs etc.

The tour was very well conducted, a history lesson as well as a great day out.

Travelling back once again by "shanks pony" we stopped at our pre-arranged luncheon venue "The Prophet" Lebanese Restaurant, for a change in cuisine.

All in All a good days outing, thanks to our tour organiser Steve White,

Well done Steve.

Bill Spear

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