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Coach Tour Review

Nan Tien Temple


A very enjoyable Day.

We set off at 8.30 am from Harrington Park Community Centre with a very interesting commentary along the way via Appin as we headed down to the scenic area of Stanwell Tops and Stanwell Park where we had morning tea (with a flock of Sulphur Crested Cockatoo’s!)

Then after driving through Wollongong we arrived at The Nan Tien Buddhist Temple.

As we drove through the entrance and through the well designed gardens it was great to look up the hill to see the very impressive Temple above us that looks out over the large area of the valley below it.

We walked through the gardens to the Temple and after a ride in the lift we reached the upper grounds at the stairs at the base of the Temple. It was there we were met by our guide who told us about the outside of the temple and its grounds and stone statues that adorned the gardens. Also we were told about the Temple itself and the style and structure of it.

Next, after removing our shoes we entered the Temple which was very beautiful and serene inside with the smell of incense and candles flickering all at the feet of 5 huge statues of Budda that faced you at the opposite end of a very large and high-roofed room. Each Budda was representing the different meaning and aspects of the Buddhist Religion.

Our guide sat us down (which was very much appreciated after standing and walking for a while), and here she talked about everything that was surrounding us and what it all represented, including the 5 Buddha’s and the many, many  small golden statues on each wall (almost from the floor) and definitely up to the ceiling all around us. It was interesting and informative to hear about Budda and his life and the Buddhist religion.

After leaving the Temple we went to the museum where we were given another talk by our very knowledgeable and excellent guide again. This was prior to viewing the wonderful fine carvings of wood and stone objects/ small statues that the priests had carved over many years. Some were unbelievably tiny (carved under a microscope) so delicate, absolutely awesome to see. Also, the wood and stone of all these exhibits were all found as the excavations were being done to clear the site for the actual Temple many years ago.

So after leaving the Temple, we travelled by our very comfortable coach into Wollongong  to the Illawarra Master Builders Club where we had a really tasty, leisurely, smorgasbord lunch.


By talking to several people we all agreed that the whole day was most enjoyable and very interesting.

Thanks so much to Steve White for organising such a great Coach Tour.

Gwen Smith

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