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Easy Peasy Recipe

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 Jill Tyson

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Warm Potato Salad

Small bag of cocktail potatoes

1 large sweet potato

Half a bunch of eshallots. Chopped

1cup Creme Fraiche

1good tabls grainy mustard

Good squirt of gourmet garden garlic paste

Pepper to taste.    

Hand full of toasted pine nuts


Cut cocktail pots in half leave skin on

Peel and cut sweet pot cut into bite size pieces

Bake pots on tray lined with baking paper drizzle with olive oil

About 35 to 40mins

When cooked. Cool slightly

Then fold in Creme Fraiche, grainy mustard, garlic

Chopped eshallots

Place in serving dish. Sprinkle with pine nuts, season

Bon a petit

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