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Next meeting

27 Sep 2021
@ Lakeside

Trivia Time


  5th August 2021

Inter Club Trivia Event

Organised by Gregory Hills Probus


Mobile phones will not be allowed.  Dr. Google will undoubtedly be correct, but will not be given the opportunity to pay the attendance fee.

Questions will be set independently of ourselves.  

We will have a professional Quiz Mistress.

The Quiz will take the form of 6 rounds each of 10 questions.

At least one round will be a picture round.

The Quiz Mistress will score each teams answers, and will be the sole judge of accuracy of answers.  Spelling accuracy is not considered to be vital, and the Quiz Mistress will exercise a degree of discretion for some answers.

The winning team will be the team with the most points at the end of the competition.

Teams are restricted to no more than 10 per team, although a team can have less.


Camden Sports Club - Upstairs

22 Cawdor Road, Camden, NSW 2570

Thursday 5th August 2021.

Cost:   $20 Including meal                                 
If you are paying via bank transfer, use Code:

A bistro lunch served downstairs at the club, will follow at the conclusion, to enable discussions as to what went wrong or right in the Quiz.  The organiser (ie me) will not be responsible for any divorce proceedings as a result of this Quiz.


 Co-ordinator for

 Trivia Time

 Roger Cash

 0435-548 999