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Heritage Review

Wollondilly Heritage Centre


What a fantastic day we had when we visited the Wollondilly Heritage Centre. Thank you Steve for organising the day. We started off the morning with some delicious Devonshire Tea. The scones must have been baked that morning and were the best I’ve tasted for a long time. It was very interesting to hear about how our district was formed and how innovative the farmers were in those days. They didn’t have any machinery so they made them. One that stood out was the apple sorter machine that was made out of old bits and pieces from the farm. We watched an old movie from the area, but there were some minor issues to get the projector to work and by the time it was sorted most of our members had already moved on. The tour leader was very knowledgeable and interesting. After we left the centre we went to visit St Matthews Church which was really interesting to see (although we could only look from the outside) how plain and simple everything was in those days.

We finished off the day with a stop for a nice lunch at Picton Bowling Club.

Hans Ede

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