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Harrington Park Probus

Our Club is situated in the peaceful and unique development of Harrington Park, located in the Macarthur area to the south of Sydney. The area is known for its abundance of wildlife, including a large variety of birds, and our mascot, the Black Swan, is a testament to this. 

The Harrington Park Probus Club was proudly sponsored by the Narellan Rotary Club and was founded on the 27th of September 2014. As a Probus Club, we welcome retired or semi-retired professional businesspeople who still feel the need to stay active and engaged in their community. Our motto is “Retire from work – not life”

Harrington Park Probus Club offers a variety of engaging activities to keep our members active and connected. Our popular groups include the Theatre Group, Travelling Group, Lunch Group, Craft Group, Heritage Group, and Movies & Coffee Group. We are one of the newest Probus Clubs to be formed in the Macarthur area south of Sydney, and we are continuously expanding our offerings to meet the needs and interests of our members. In addition to our established groups, we now offer a comprehensive library of books and DVD movies, as well as a Cards and Games Night and Fine Dining experiences.

Harrington Park's History & Development

Harrington Park, as we know it today, began in 1944 as a dream. Sir Warwick Fairfax, who lived on and loved the land in the Macarthur area, envisioned a magnificent estate. This dream laid a firm foundation for the Harrington Park estate, which was brought to life by the hard work of Lady Mary Fairfax and the Harrington Park Development Team. Sadly, Sir Warwick did not live to view the creation of Harrington Park.

Harrington Park is recognised nationwide for its planning and design, winning multiple awards.


Harrington Park in the Macarthur area is more than just a well-developed residential estate. Within its grounds you will find tree-lined streets and an array of incredible facilities that afford a rich and abundant lifestyle, including:

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